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8:30AM - 12:30PM

PANDEMONIUM - Lizard Men of L.A.
Can you and your team of Paranormal Investigators scoop the story of strange happenings in Los Angeles? If so the editor of the Weekly Weird News will pay hansomely. Pandemonium is Atlas Games' system for roleplaying in a tabloid world. Very easy gaming system. All rules will be explained.

SHOCKFORCE - New World Order
Your Shockforce team thought it'd be a milk run. Just escort a tractor load of cargo across the wastes of New Jersey to Philadelphia. But the Goth Rats had other ideas, and who are those guys in the sky blue uniforms? Shockforce is Demonblade Games' rules set for 25mm squad based wargaming. Rules are uncomplicated stressing ease of play over complexity. All rules will be explained.

Run by one James Sharkey, he hasn't decided what system to run it in, but he has a fantasy adventure ready to play. Bring dice, pencils, paper, and a sense of humor.

1:30PM - 5:30PM
SHADOWRUN 2ND ED - DocWagon (tm), Inc.
Hoi chummer! You think you have what it takes to work for the 'Wagon? You'll play employees of DocWagon on a typical day in Seattle. Shadowrun is a cyberpunk game set in a world with magick , elves, trolls, orcs, and dwarves. Bring dice, pads, pencils, imagination, and not in that order.

STAR WARS - The Naboo Conspiracy
I've been told not to give too much away. But you can bet you'll see the beautiful planet of Naboo in you travels. The game master for this one is Ben Forest, if you've been to any 'cons in the past few years, chances are good you've played in one of his games.

SPACE HULK 1ST ED. - The Codex of Malachai
The emperor has commanded that the Codex of Malachai, which was recently found on a hulk in the Antares sector, be recovered. Your chapter has been given the honor of recovering it. But the minions of Chaos have learned of your mission and are sworn to recover the Codex for their own. And of course the Genestealers won't be too happy to see either of you. This is a THREE LEVEL hulk, pitting Imperial Marines against Chaos, and both of them against the Genestealers. All rules (including the homebrew ones) will be explained.

6:30PM - 10:30PM
DESPERADO - For a Fist-Fulla-Pesos
Jackrabbit Hollow unhappy with it's Mexican regime hires gunmen to cleanup the town......Strap on your six-gun and join in on the scrap! Never a dull moment..............plenty of pine boxes.. GM Bert Carney. Desperado is a Wild West single figure miniatures combat game with a roleplaying twist. All of the (easy to play) rules will be explained.

WARHAMMER FANTASY ROLEPLAY - A funny thing happened on the way to Marienburg
You and your group are on your way to Marienburg on an errand for Baron VonPlatz when you get sidetracked. A game set in a dark fantasy world where Chaos lurks around every corner and death is but a breath away. All rules will be explained.

SHOCKFORCE - New World Order
See the same titled event above.