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Trestleboard for January 2001

Table of Contents

Important Dates for the Month

Message From the East

Our Lodge's Future

Lodge Officers for 2001

Other Lodges of the 16th Masonic District

Message From the East


I would like to thank the Bretheren for their vote of confidence in making me your Worshipful Master. In the coming year I know I will need help and advice in running the Lodge. All help will be greatly appreciated.

I have some ideas for fund raising to bring up, and any help and input the bretheren can provide will be accepted greatfully.

I hope your Holidays were enjoyable. See you next meeting!

Barrie S. Thomson
Worshipful Master

The Future of our Craft Lies in the Hands of Those Who Come After Us


None Currently


None Currently


Bro. E.A. Jules Charles Fabry

Bro. E.A. James Bovasso

Bro. E.A. Eric Bernard Olsen

Bro. E.A. James Patrick Scannell

Lodge Officers for 2001

Worshipful Master - Barrie S. Thomson
Senior Warden - William D. Haller III P.M.
Junior Warden - James P. Demos P.M.
Secretary - Keith R. Mills, P.D.D.G.M.
Treasurer - Harry M. Joughin, P.M.
Chaplain - Bruce Lukashevetz
Senior Deacon - William D. Haller Jr. P.G.C.
Junior Deacon - Oliver Boucher
Senior Master of Ceremonies - Kenneth VanWickle
Junior Master of Ceremonies - John P. Haller
Marshal - Frederick E. Schlosser P.G.C.
Tyler - Peter L. Stamp P.M.
Senior Steward - William A. Krott
Junior Steward - Barrie S. Thomson Jr.
Proxy to Grand Lodge - William D. Haller Jr. P.G.C.
Historian - Harry M. Joughin P.M.
Organist - Eric Allen, P.G.O.
Trustee - Eric Allen, P.G.O.
Trustee - Robert Armitage P.M.
Trustee - Michael R. Mekenian P.G.C.

Other Lodges in the 16th District

Washington Lodge #9

Olive Branch Lodge #16

Mystic Brotherhood #21

Moxley Abacus Lodge #78

Ocean #89

Asbury/Jordan #142

Durand #179