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Wall/Spring Lake Lodge #73 of Free & Accepted Masons

Meeting the Second and Fourth Thursday of Each Month except July and August 7:30 pm at Como Masonic Temple

559 Church Street (near Rt. 71) Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey, USA

Visiting Brethren Always Welcome !

If you are not a Freemason, but are curious about our organization or want to join, check out the Masonic information for Non-Masons.

If you are interested in what's happening at Wall/Spring Lake Lodge this month then read the World Wide Web version of the Lodge's trestleboard.

If you are looking for more Masonic resources on the Internet, then try our Links to Other Masonic Pages.


Links to Other Masonic Web Pages

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Freemasonry on the Internet

The Global Fraternal Network

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Information on Masonic Mailing list servers


The following are some essays that will help answer some common questions asked about Freemasonry

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